Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When yellow's not always as bright as the Sun..

After a day long's worth of walking, driving, shopping, talking... etc etc.. and after having accumulated a torturous amount of dirt,sweat and what not on myself i decided to head home for a nice hot shower..

Believe me when i say i was desperate for a shower.. Just the sight of the car was enough to heighten my state of excitement. I needed that shower.

20 mins later.. there i was in the bathroom, one hand holding up the shower head, one hand trying turning the faucet to the fullest and both eyes fixated to the amount of water flowing out from the shower head. Nevermind the water was ice cold, the flow of it was so low i could almost count the water molecules as it fell to the floor. I was at utter disbelief. I had only one hope for that day and it was shattered...

Why? Why? Why?

Those darn MPSJ ppl HAD to cut the water supply on that one day i took my bath late. Darn you maniacs.. DARN YOU People!!! How could you??!??! Grrrrr...

So anyway, moving on, i decided to just deal with what i had and prepared for a long, slow and draggy bath. It took forever just to wash the soap off one of my arm.. let alone the whole body. After a painstaking half an hour, i was ready to wash my face and jump out of the shower.

That was when the horror started.

As i frantically attempted to spread the face cleanser evenly on my face at top speed, i dropped the shower head. Nevermind that, all i had to do was squat down and feel for the damn thing. But as i washed the soap of my face, i opened my eyes only to find that the clear-almost non existent water has now morphed into dark yellow urine looking water. If the colour wasn't enough to turn me off entirely, there was this metally smell irradiating from the water.

And yes, you guessed it.. I screamed! i screamed so hard i put woman in labour to shame.


It was bloody 1am.. I was Tired, sleepy, sticky and extremely IRRITated!!!

If you're my neighbour and you're reading this, i hope it explains the noise and i'm sorry..

BUt if you, whoever you may be and is responsible for this, damn you... ggrrrr... may you burn!!!

NOw i had 2 options;
(a) Leave the soap on till morning
(a 1) Wait for the remaining soap to crystallize on my face and slowly peel it off 2 hours later ( had to eliminate this option cause i would have fallen asleep by then and thus, would have to end up reverting back to (a))
(b) Use disgusting water to wash soap off

I figured i didn't care anymore.
I could only think about going to sleep.
I was exhausted and i wanted to comatose on my bed.

I took a deep breath and 'wa lah" the soap was gone..
Twas the end of my shower..

And hence, a feeling i've never felt before... i've successfully emerged from a shower dirtier and possibly smellier than before.. Like they always say.. there's a first for everything... :s

I cringe just thinking about it.....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A blog for the sake of blogging.. :)

As you might have realised, my blog has been left pretty adjacent for a while.

Why? you might ask..
Well, i'm proud to announce i have dedicated most of my (present) time to the world of dancing.. YES, you heard it right.... Dancing..I know, i know, i'm known to many as a big (actually big is a bit of an understatement.. ) I'm a humongous well-known klutz.

I always wonder..

Why do guys (in general) perceive dancing as being gay? I mean, come on, if you were to watch professional dancers in action, other than the skimpy lycra tights and the buldging manly assests, you have to admit, they ARE pretty darn manly. Not many guys have the physique of a dancer, not many guys have the balls to stand in front of an arena of ppl, not many guys are able to toss girls around... literally!! I mean, you ( the guys in general), have to obtain a certain heightened state of manlyness to achieve the trust of a girl who is about to let you toss her which ever way you must...True?

I always wonder..

Have you ever known something you just can't explain or put into words but you feel it? Isn't it just out-of-this world annoying.. worst when there's no one you can tell or confide into.. Truth be told, its not the best feeling in this world but, this is life. Life's never perfect.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

For the bored and the lazy

I'm bored and i'm lazy.

I have unconsciously brought a new meaning to the word bumming. I have gravely defied all laws of lazing around.. so much so i cannot even begin to describe what i do.
It would be too much of an embarassment.

A friend once called me a wild boar.
Apparently i have gone beyond the border of being pig like.
Worst part is, i cannot even begin to deny it

Truth be told,
I must say, is rather hard to accomplish. To be classified as a pig, you are only required to either laze around by taking no less than 439508230974 naps a day or by eating 2 thrillion meals a day.
All you need to do to be a wild boar is to just do both.
Why should anyone settle for just one of those options when you can have the best of both worlds? hah hah

These 2 words (bored and lazy) are like miracle workers. They can get you out of just about any situation. By saying that you're bored or lazy, no one would bother you, instead, they would look up to you for being honest about declining their offer. Don't believe me? Try it.. :)

And well, as far as i'm concerned, if the words "bored" and "lazy" fail to exist in the dictionary or in the world for that matter, i would be at a literall lost for words. Really. I would have probably reverted to being mute as a way out. If that fails, i could subject myself to a lot more unproductive uneventful nonsense.. (e.g. counting the number of tiles on my roof, jump around frantically till i tire or maybe even pass out due to dizziness, swing my arm round and round till it falls off.. aaahh you get the idea lah.. )

If you think about it, the words bored and lazy can be used as an excuse to get you of just about anything.. :)

I'm lazy could work for any of these questions.
1) Do you want to go out?
2) Do you want to meet up?
3) Arent you going to have lunch?
4) Why are you not sleeping?
5) Why aren't you studying?
6) bla bla bla.. and the list goes on and on...

I'm bored on the other hand is used less frequently but nonetheless as effective as the former.

and oh i forgot to tell you, the sorry and lazy combination as an excuse is optimum for trying to ease your way out of being told to do anything. so if stating that you're lazy fails, always include being sorry...

If you experience any failed attempts at trying to make these excuses work, don't blame me.
Outcomes are at user's own expense and shitty feedbacks are at user's own risks.

Dont say i didn't warn you.. :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm a Wiccan...

Another one of those quizzes..

I seem to find myself being such a sucker for these stupid quizzes.. hmmmm..

so, you are a wiccan
you are a wiccan, which means that you worship the
earth and everything on it. You believe that
magic is not black nor white, its what you make
it. Good luck with your work and blessed be!

what sort of Witch are you? ( with PICS )
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, November 12, 2005

What kind of drunk are you?

Another one of those silly tests which actually plunged in and dug out the curiousity in me :)

Philosophical Drunk
What Kind of Drunk Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

No surprise there.. hehe

Now that you know me, you should try it and tell me what drunk of drunk you are :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wishful thinking...

Caution: Read only if time is not a factor for you.. oh, and if you can't sleep..:)

"To hope or not to hope?
That's the question i ask of thee.."

Don't worry, am not trying to get all shakespearean on you, I just have too much time on my hands and i have nothing else to blog about. Let me just show you how much i can say about hope. You'd be surprised.. :)

Hope, a simple word of 4 letters..
Hope, something to live for..
Hope, treatment for the lonely hearted..
Hope, = wishful thinking?

If you think about it, questioning anyone based on the quote above, i should probably just render it an utter waste of time. He/she, basically, anyone in their right mind would definitely walk me towards the light of being hopeful..

No doubt.

Now, sit upright, give your neck a good rub (on both sides), oh, and your shoulders too.. stretch those limbs, straighten your bearings, and ponder on this..

Hope can sometimes be evil.

- I heard that gasp! ha ha :) Thus, breathe in and breathe out.. slowly and hear me out.. :)

HOPE, HOPe, HOpe, Hope, hope..

Hope can and is said to be perfectly capable of prolonging despair and hurt. Maybe even a sip of torment. Ugh..
"Why?" you ask..
Unrealistic, unreachable, unobtainable goals? Or the unforgiving wantingness to hope and wish for something big without using the power of the mind?

Tommorow and the day after is only a vision. The future is only something you can idealise upon. What makes of it is of course, dependant on you, God, and a slight douche of lady luck. But what is life without a vision? How is anyone capable of living life without a drive? I driveless liver or a lifeless driver?

Something to think about..
What if everything you've lived for in life has decided to die on you, and there's no way you could turn it around? Are you gonna break down and cry like a baby? Or are you going to sit and pray for a miracle? Hope seems like the only way out eh?

Now, what if you had everything you ever wanted, would you ever be satisfied with life?
Picture owning this.
A big breath-takingly beautiful house. Throw in an olympic size pool, a backyard greener than the greenest ocean and a car just about anyone can only dream about.
Not satisfied?
Why? No hot spouse to go with it?
Fine. Throw in the spouse.
Not satisfied?
Why? Lacking in love?
Fine. Throw in love.
Not satisfied?
Why? Children?

SEE! No one is ever eVEr EVER satisfied.

Hoping for more than what you already have is NOT an option.
It is who we are.
It is something we need to believe..
It is a binding spirit of needed courage in life...

Get the picture?

Hence, in MY opinion, hope is inevitable. One should just do him/herself a big favour and hope for Realistic, Reachable, Reliable goals. Write down a list of 50 things you would like to achieve before 30 and hope.. and suffer for the best. :)

So, suck it up, everyone's on earth for a reason.. with hope comes faith and believe.. believe in yourself.. you only live once, LIFE IS INDEED BEAUTIFUL!

And yes, the previous blog was written by my sister..

Friday, November 04, 2005

Daisy, the buddy

Meet my buddy Daisy.

Daisy: Hi all, my name is Daisy. I am a girl in need of a diet and i am trying to pull Candy in too as we have been pigging out a lot. we enjoy doing stuff like walking and singing and shopping for me!! haha... what i can say about Candy is that she really loves eating sour and salty stuff most of the time... She is really brave has nice teeth. and i am sure you want to know more about me so here goes. I am working on my second album with my partner, Cream. We have a lot of stuff going on. Anyways, enough about me.
My description of today would be same old same old. Nothing new. Well, i woke up, had breakfast in bed(PIG) and then played cards with Candy. In the afternoon, we went to play pool. Until now, so here i am. Hope you find Candy'slife entertaining though i know from experience that she is very hard to please and very boring!!=)
Word of advice to Candy: STOP BEING SO HARD TO PLEASE!!!(",)
Buh bye for now!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oh my gawd.. Wtf??!?

Which dysfunctional care bear am I?

I could've been a thug bear, a bondage bear, a redneck bear, a stoner bear.. but a frigging GAY BEAR?!?!??!?

gggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. ppppppppppfffffffffffftttttttttt

Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Damn a need a boyfriend..

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Dota 101 - from one noob to another

Curiousity has finally taken over.. how does anyone in their right mind spend 10 freaking hours playing the same computer game? Well, to be fair, it takes on a certain edge of admiration towards these BRAVE men on my part...

After a very vague, pointless, 10 minute, half-past-six lesson on dota from my dota-obsessed brother i am now able to look at dota from a whole new perspective. Dota is not anymore just another time-and-money wasting-butt enlarging-finger muscle building-eye spoiling sport.

Dota is now a computer game. A game which requires actual brain power. A game which stresses you out. A game which could easily make the biggest-toughest-fiercest but dota-ly handicapped chap go weak in the knees and wince like a monkey... :)

Here is a brief overview
Step 1: Choose hero (in my context, look for the most "gaya" looking character.. Who cares if the hero is difficult to manage? who cares if it's one of the weaker heroes?)

Step2: Buy itenaries - don't know what to buy? Well, if you chose a character who's powers are based on intelligence, buy items which would help boost the hero's intelligence. Still blur? Tap the guy next to you if you're in a cafe.. i usually tap my brother's shoulder. Make sure to dodge as fast as possible as soon as you catch a glimpse of his/her arm nearing anywhere your face.

Step 3: Look for enemies to kill. - Don't know which is friend and which is foe? Kill it anyway.

Step 4: Make way to the enemy's base

Step 5: Destroy base
Warning: Its not as easy as it sounds

Step 6: Scream for joy you've won!!

- To all the noobs, Ignore Step 3 onwards. All you have to do is try to stay alive.. and occasionally kill vicious or enemy looking characters.

If all fails, scream, jump, cry, curse, bang your fists on the table (be sure to avoid the mouse and the keyboard in the process). Basically, do whatever that helps in dealing with the pain of being owned. It wouldn't help you win but it would definitely help in decreasing death-by-dota tendencies. Believe me.. I've tried it, It Works! :)

Definitely an easy game to play, but to some, including myself.. extemely difficult to master.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Don't cha!

Don't you just hate it when nothing is the way it seems?

Don't you sometimes feel like you're living a lie? Even worse when there's nothing you can do about it?

Don't you just have it when someone insults you without even realising it?
Worse, when you're hurting like you've just broken all the bones in your body inside and that someone's having the best day of his/her life..

Don't you just hate it when you always come in second no matter how hard you try?

Don't you just hate superficial relationships? Its as if you're living a freaking lie. Its as if you're forced to stage a play 24/7. Its as if the smile on your face is the result of a face lift gone wrong.. Bloody tiring shit. Bloody stressful. And bloody well, not worth my time...

Don't you just hate disgustingly ungrateful dates? I mean, if you're uninterested and all have the decency and at least the balls to let the other person know. Why be present in the first place? A flutter in his or her heart is probably a flutter in the brain.

Don't you just hate it when you do everything in your power to look the best way you possibly can before discovering a zit the size of the China at the tip of your nose?

Speaking of which, it has come to my attention that my hair is losing its volumicity.. My hair, just like the owner has its own mood swings. My hair like the many celebrities who revert to starving themselves silly has decided to take on this unworldly trend. Thus, i am now shedding hair like a cancer patient. Yes, it is that bad. :( I mean, come on.. I always tell the truth.. even when i lie.. hah!

Picture this..
Step 1: Hold an egg upside down

Step 2: Draw a thick black line around the perimeter of the top of the egg

Step 3: Picture my face on the egg

Ta da.. That is how my hair looks now. Terrible ain't it..
Oh well, should be happy to at least have a head of hair.. beats these anyday.. :)

- The best of two worlds..

By the way, that's Koko the gorilla :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

"The test of literature is, I suppose, whether we ourselves live more intensely for the reading of it." - Elizabeth Drew

Time and again i tell myself..
"Thou shalt not blog!!"
Next thing you know, here i am, devoting my precious, inexplainably wonderful sleep to the world of blogging. Not that its that early in the morning, its 1015am, the sun is up and all.. but in my defence, i had a very late night. haha

Time and again i tell myself..
"Thou shalt not succumb to the norms!!"
Next thing you know, here i am, trying my best to make my blog look or at least seem interesting. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a bleeding blog and now, Van Ren has one too. :) Blogs are like little windows to one's soul. Reading blog is like taking a peek into a little window a blogger has left slightly adjacent to the prying eye. Who needs a friend who is willing to lend an ear when you're able to blog about anything? The internet or at least the blog website will never get sick of you.. hehe I'm not saying i don't appreciate my friends.. but it kinda gets the mind working, right?

To all my friends, I Love you Guys!! <-- i hope that makes up for the previous paragraph :)

Time and again i tell myself..
"If you want to earn the big bucks and make it big in life, study study study.. "
Next thing you know, i'm doing everything in my power to avoid my books. The news is suddenly indispecably interesting, literature is suddenly understandable and writing blogs has suddenly taken a new lease in life. Okay fine, not yours maybe.. mine.. maybe. :)

Time and again i tell myself..
"Why do i keep doing this to myself??"
Isssshhh.. i'm hopeless... :)

P.S. this is probably a futile attempt at trying to blog, but heck, hope it entertained your sorry ass for a good minute :)