Monday, July 17, 2006


There's so much i want and wanted to blog about i'm actually feeling very lazy to type ... If only i had a robot to type as i verbally relay my thoughts to it.. I guess if that point of time actually crosses our path, we'd all be so lazy and inactive we'd probably start missing the times we could walk.
It's the third day of EOS5 and my head feels like it's 100000000000000000000000 tonnes partly due to the lack of sleep and partly due to the fact that my brain has been put into overdrive the past 3 days... :S

So, yeah, well, here are some pictures from my birthday, almost a month ago.. It's kinda sad that it had to be before the freaking exams. Sigh...

Well, it started with the IMU gang surprising me at 11pm on the day before, everyone looked bloody stressed out... it ranged from pimple sprouting faces to panda eyed looks to balding heads..

Michelle, Ling Wei, Racine, Marilyn, Amelia, Yon Xian, Brandon, Kah Heng, Bryan and Me!

....... and Lina

Since Ah Moooo's hidden in both of the pics, here's a special close up of her.. hhahaha

29th of June 2006
- Had lunch with me Sri KL buddies..

Nick Y. and Jamie..

Nick L....

Who happened to all have the same phone..
( I'm sorry eng tat.. i don't exactly know how to rotate your japanese food entising picture.. )

530pm - Blowing my own cake... alone... (How fun!! ) haha

Okay... So here are some pictures from the Press Conference @ Planet Hollywood on the 4th of July 2006...

Left my house at 745 to make allowances for the crazy traffic KL has to offer, took the LRT from PJ and got to KL at about 9..

Yes 9! and apparently, that's FAST!

If you ask me, the transportation system in Malaysia is just ridiculous!! They should make spped shuttles, limit the use of cars or maybe offer air services.. haaha...

So anyway, at 930am, we went to hair connections along Jalan Bukit Bintang for hair and make up..

One of the hair stylists.. i'm sorry i don't remember his name..


.. double ditto..

Hair and Make up artists at work...

Chantelle and I

Charmaine and I

Adeline, Miss Malaysia World 2006!!! and I

Natalie, Nivitha, Sarina, Amanda, Adeline


More hairdressing action..

As with all shows and whatever the entertainment industry anywhere around the world has to offer, there's always the loooooooong wait....
Hence, the crazy amnt of pics.. (Did not post it all here)
And for some reason, my picture which came out in the star on the 5th of July, made me look as if i was FAT!!! and i'm not just saying it..
You know how the saying goes right? That the camera puts on 10 pounds?? well it's true!! only in my case it's 20.. :|
I'll post that dumb picture up when i can... then you can compare...

The very very long haired, Pearly..

HOney and Amanda..

Amin, director of the project by day, crazy clubber by night.. *tsk tsk* (shall upload pics of him clubbing later.. )

Florence and JImmy of Hair Connections..

Me Make up artist for that day.. and damn, my hair looks B. A. D.!

Sarina, Stephanie, Pearly, Marina, Honey n Me!

My twin!
(people mix us up quite a bit)

OOoooh La la..