Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Miss Malaysia World 2006 photoshoot

For all of you who already know, here are some pics.. :) enjoy..

For those who don't,

Serious? Yep.
Stop laughing.. i couldn't believe it myself.
How i got in?

Basically, a wonderful friend of mine, AARON, decided that i should expand my horizon and give in to his crazy idea of joining the pageant. After 30 mins of trying to convince me to join, i said okay and next thing you know, they ask me to go in for an interview.

Apparently, round 1's where they shortlist the applicants based on their application form. I didn't fill that up, so i guess i bypassed that.

Round 2's the interview bit.
I dont know how i got through it. I panicked at the sight of 3 high authorians looking at me, blabbered, stuttered and crapped like no other. i was a complete mess.
Maybe they were amazed and possibly interested at my klutzy (or maybe even comical) ways?

So i went home, defeated. Didn't really hit me hard cause it was not something i've been praying every night of the week for anyway..

3 days later they called and told me i got the place as one of the Miss Malaysia World 06 finalists.

I did not almost fall off my chair. I did.

i don't know whether to be happy or sad.

EOS 5 and MMW

2 killers at one go.

it's like preparing to get shot in the head


So, anyhoos....

I'm too lazy to type and describe anything at the moment.
So here are the pictures..
Afterall, a picture is worth thousand words.. :)

Here are 16 pictures.
Add that to the amount of words above and you get a 16200 word blog.

and Yes i've possibly gone mad. haha :)

Me, Cassandra (former Miss Sabah (she kinda looks like Bree right?)) and Adeline

Nivitha getting her hair done

Shan Shan.. yeah i know, she's hot!

Make up artists at work..

Cassandra again, Honey Tan (in real life she looks a lot like Sarah Tan) and Adeline

Sarina (ex- commonwealth rhythmic gymnast champion), Honey and muah!

The hair dressing area

Pearly and me (JOn if you're reading this.. hahaha)


Honey again..

The hair dressing team and Pearly

The photographer, LO of Rom Studios.


The make up artists..