Monday, December 11, 2006

I want to scream.
I want to shout ravishingly uncensored ravaging porous words without thought and rationality. I want to desperately feed your soul of unrevolving plundering, hurt, sorrow and digustingly acceptable gibberish. I want to metamorphosise rocks into sand. I want to shout so hard, i would profanitise the little lamb song.

I want to be so rude, i strive to see myself in the mirror.
I want to erase the fact that rudeness is an incredibly weak and pityful man's attempt at showing mere strength and power. i want to see screaming and shouting as an antidote to incredible desperate attempts of liberation. I want to suck the life out of little scratch wounds. I want to dig at it and strangulate, every single strand of muscle.

I want to be silent.
Silence only breaks A person. Suicidal acts cure a person. And breaks them. Literally.

I want to ignore.
Ignorance is bliss.

p.s. I'm not bitter.. :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hair tips


Lesson 1: Always make time for narcisism.. you'd be able to decide which hairstyle suits u best with loads of pictures...

This was how my hair looked in Jan 06

Lesson 2: Take pride in styling your hair.. :)

In May, Man.. i've never been so proud of my hair.. *tear tear..haha

Lesson 3: Never go to the hair stylist and say "CUT".. do elaborate... :)

Then it grew long and i had it cut it again..
This time it was really really short, at the top especially.. if u look at the pic carefully you'll be able to see the short spikes at the top of my head

Lesson 4: Always look at the mirror before coming out of the house.. (I styled my hair in the car, i think.. i dunno how i let myself out of the house with such messy hair... the picture below is the best picture i could find of my hair.. only the fringe shows.. tee hee hee)

This is how my hair looked before i left to the UK.. the girl on my right is some brazilian (i think) model.. :)


Lesson 5: Read magazines on hair tips cause if you're actually abiding by my suggestions, you really do have hair problems..

This is how my hair looks at present time..
The colour effect the camera gives out is kinda cool.. The blonde-ish part used to be RED.. at present, my fringe is annoyingly long.. so much so i never leave my room without my trusty hairband or a bunch of clips.. and the short (or long) hair tickles the back of my neck CONSTANTLY.. damn irritating

Damn i need a haircut..

LEsson 6: If all else fails, contemplate on shaving ur head, or just learn to deal with not caring about how u look..

I found this picture on someone's friendster page a couple of weeks back and i really like the pic.. so here's a pic of the wonderful imu bunch for all time's sake.. :)