Monday, December 11, 2006

I want to scream.
I want to shout ravishingly uncensored ravaging porous words without thought and rationality. I want to desperately feed your soul of unrevolving plundering, hurt, sorrow and digustingly acceptable gibberish. I want to metamorphosise rocks into sand. I want to shout so hard, i would profanitise the little lamb song.

I want to be so rude, i strive to see myself in the mirror.
I want to erase the fact that rudeness is an incredibly weak and pityful man's attempt at showing mere strength and power. i want to see screaming and shouting as an antidote to incredible desperate attempts of liberation. I want to suck the life out of little scratch wounds. I want to dig at it and strangulate, every single strand of muscle.

I want to be silent.
Silence only breaks A person. Suicidal acts cure a person. And breaks them. Literally.

I want to ignore.
Ignorance is bliss.

p.s. I'm not bitter.. :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hair tips


Lesson 1: Always make time for narcisism.. you'd be able to decide which hairstyle suits u best with loads of pictures...

This was how my hair looked in Jan 06

Lesson 2: Take pride in styling your hair.. :)

In May, Man.. i've never been so proud of my hair.. *tear tear..haha

Lesson 3: Never go to the hair stylist and say "CUT".. do elaborate... :)

Then it grew long and i had it cut it again..
This time it was really really short, at the top especially.. if u look at the pic carefully you'll be able to see the short spikes at the top of my head

Lesson 4: Always look at the mirror before coming out of the house.. (I styled my hair in the car, i think.. i dunno how i let myself out of the house with such messy hair... the picture below is the best picture i could find of my hair.. only the fringe shows.. tee hee hee)

This is how my hair looked before i left to the UK.. the girl on my right is some brazilian (i think) model.. :)


Lesson 5: Read magazines on hair tips cause if you're actually abiding by my suggestions, you really do have hair problems..

This is how my hair looks at present time..
The colour effect the camera gives out is kinda cool.. The blonde-ish part used to be RED.. at present, my fringe is annoyingly long.. so much so i never leave my room without my trusty hairband or a bunch of clips.. and the short (or long) hair tickles the back of my neck CONSTANTLY.. damn irritating

Damn i need a haircut..

LEsson 6: If all else fails, contemplate on shaving ur head, or just learn to deal with not caring about how u look..

I found this picture on someone's friendster page a couple of weeks back and i really like the pic.. so here's a pic of the wonderful imu bunch for all time's sake.. :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello peeps!

It's been a long long long time since i last posted anything up..
I just completed my practical examination today and am in no mood to study.. figured i should make use of my time and put up something to entertain u guys.. :)
(esp the ppl flooding my flooblebox.. :))


I've been sitting here for a good 5 minutes, staring at a blank screen wondering what i could possibly write about. For all the people who constantly (okay, fine, maybe a lot seldom now.. :)) check my blog to see if i posted anything new, you might have noticed that there hasn't been ANY updates for God knows how long.. hmmm.. I don't know if i'm suffering from some major blogger's block. I don't know if i'm just plain lazy. I don't know if i'm afraid of displaying my array of horrendous-nonsensical-disastrous-imcomprehendable-made-for-dumb-blondes-devastatingly terrible english. Honestly, i really don't know if it's me but my english, has just gone completely rubbish. I struggle to get words like "fix" or "strenous" out.. Can you believe it? My command in english is supposed to be expanding and improving now that i'm in the UK..

so anyway, i was talking to a couple of friends the other day what i've come to realise is that, not many people actually get down to read and understand what ever you have to blog about. Apparently blogs are mainly about the pictures and of course PRETTY people.

I'm going to succumb to my assumption and speculation and start posting random pictures.

Here goes.. well, i'll talk you through it so it's not just random pics.. :)

Egg Tart and I this picture was taken in manchester.. for the rest, go to :)

Moving on..
Here are some pics from London..
Andrew, being the sweet guy he is took me to London..
or, come to think of it, i was the sweet person .. I self-willingly accompanied him to London.. haha..
So anyway.. more pics..

Andrew and his friends at a birthday gathering.. i'm sorry can't remember the name of the restaurant.. am not going to try name the people in the pic cause i can't very well do so.. haha..
ok ok.. i'll try.. L to R Wen Yen, Pei Shuen (er.. i dnt think that's right.. Andrew, a little help here.. , Samuel, Samuel's friend, Samuel's brother(the guy far far back with the tinted glasses), Yih Yong, JUstin and Andrew..


Wui Seng and i.. yep yep.. you Sri KL ppl.. still remember him? haha

L to R: Wen Yen, Wui Seng, Andrew:), Justin, Wei Shen, Yih Yong, Samuel and a girl

Andrew and Sophia

We went to Krispy Kreme at Harrods and had donuts which are to-die-for..

i only have pictures of the cups and the signs.. haha..

We went to starbucks and had ice-blended drinks.. it comes up to about RM35 a drink..
yep yep..

as you might have noticed, i might have lost my posing skills.. haha

Looked at the verywell known red double decker english buses

watched a musical titled Chicage

and went to CNR for Malaysian foood...

Am too lazy to put up the pics from the previous pub crawl... not that i was sprawled-on-the-floor drunk or anything.. i'm just too damn lazy at the moment.. dealing with pictures really IS hard work.. I really can't imagine how people who i might add are very hardworking actually bother enough to photoshop pictures...


Till the next post.. ta ta.. :)

Monday, August 28, 2006


This is my first post from the land of constant drizzles, unpredictable weather and thick accents.. :)

I left KLIA at 1155pm on the 24th of August.. It was kinda pathetic cause only Kah Heng and Lina was there to send me off.. But honestly, i really didnt mind. Kah Heng (so sweet of him) dedicated a very nice post to me.

When i got into the plane, i noticed that someone was seated on the seat allocated to me..
Turns out, there was some Thai (or at least i thought it was) guy seated on my seat.
I called the steward and as it turns out, there was some problem with the ticketing.. hehe.. They allocated both of us on to the same seat.
And since he was seated, i smiled at the steward and said, "Look the guy's so comfortably seated there with his family, so why dont you upgrade me instead.. hehe"
The steward, "Hmmm, i'll see what i can do.. "

So he walks off looking for the guy in charge of the tickets..
The guy in charge of the tickets frantically looked around the economy seats looking for an extra seat.
After everyone was seated, and i mean EVERYONE, (as if the plane was just about to take off) the guy was still no where to be found.
I felt kinda silly standing in the middle of nowhere whilst obstructing the way, everyone was giving weird-ass stares.

5 mins later the guy came back and got me to go to seat 9A.

i made my way upstairs.. and wa lah!!!

it allows you to recline the seats so much it's almost horizontal.. and yeah, i slept like a baby!! I could definitely get used to this!! hehe woo hoo!!

SO anyway, here are a few pics i took from Heathrow Airport..

This Kid's so cute.. he fell asleep with half a muffin on his hand. hehe
(Thank goodness his mom didn't realise i was taking a picture of her sleeping son) :)

My luggages..

THe view from where i was standing, waiting for my bus to Leicester.. :)

Here are some pictures of my pathetically small hole. . eheh

My desk, if you look closely enough, there's an apple next to my bag.. It fell into the dustbin as i was arranging my stuff.. Now i dont know whether the eat it or not.. hmmm..

And the carton of ciggies, far right is not mine..

The sink in my room.. (comes in quite convenient)

My bed.. the sun rises at 6 in the morning and i keep forgetting to shut the curtains.. so, i'm usually up quite early..

The view from the pavement just outside the apartment..

Thursday, August 17, 2006

since your picture wasn't in the previous post,




Happy or not?? hahaha..

Monday, July 17, 2006


There's so much i want and wanted to blog about i'm actually feeling very lazy to type ... If only i had a robot to type as i verbally relay my thoughts to it.. I guess if that point of time actually crosses our path, we'd all be so lazy and inactive we'd probably start missing the times we could walk.
It's the third day of EOS5 and my head feels like it's 100000000000000000000000 tonnes partly due to the lack of sleep and partly due to the fact that my brain has been put into overdrive the past 3 days... :S

So, yeah, well, here are some pictures from my birthday, almost a month ago.. It's kinda sad that it had to be before the freaking exams. Sigh...

Well, it started with the IMU gang surprising me at 11pm on the day before, everyone looked bloody stressed out... it ranged from pimple sprouting faces to panda eyed looks to balding heads..

Michelle, Ling Wei, Racine, Marilyn, Amelia, Yon Xian, Brandon, Kah Heng, Bryan and Me!

....... and Lina

Since Ah Moooo's hidden in both of the pics, here's a special close up of her.. hhahaha

29th of June 2006
- Had lunch with me Sri KL buddies..

Nick Y. and Jamie..

Nick L....

Who happened to all have the same phone..
( I'm sorry eng tat.. i don't exactly know how to rotate your japanese food entising picture.. )

530pm - Blowing my own cake... alone... (How fun!! ) haha

Okay... So here are some pictures from the Press Conference @ Planet Hollywood on the 4th of July 2006...

Left my house at 745 to make allowances for the crazy traffic KL has to offer, took the LRT from PJ and got to KL at about 9..

Yes 9! and apparently, that's FAST!

If you ask me, the transportation system in Malaysia is just ridiculous!! They should make spped shuttles, limit the use of cars or maybe offer air services.. haaha...

So anyway, at 930am, we went to hair connections along Jalan Bukit Bintang for hair and make up..

One of the hair stylists.. i'm sorry i don't remember his name..


.. double ditto..

Hair and Make up artists at work...

Chantelle and I

Charmaine and I

Adeline, Miss Malaysia World 2006!!! and I

Natalie, Nivitha, Sarina, Amanda, Adeline


More hairdressing action..

As with all shows and whatever the entertainment industry anywhere around the world has to offer, there's always the loooooooong wait....
Hence, the crazy amnt of pics.. (Did not post it all here)
And for some reason, my picture which came out in the star on the 5th of July, made me look as if i was FAT!!! and i'm not just saying it..
You know how the saying goes right? That the camera puts on 10 pounds?? well it's true!! only in my case it's 20.. :|
I'll post that dumb picture up when i can... then you can compare...

The very very long haired, Pearly..

HOney and Amanda..

Amin, director of the project by day, crazy clubber by night.. *tsk tsk* (shall upload pics of him clubbing later.. )

Florence and JImmy of Hair Connections..

Me Make up artist for that day.. and damn, my hair looks B. A. D.!

Sarina, Stephanie, Pearly, Marina, Honey n Me!

My twin!
(people mix us up quite a bit)

OOoooh La la..