Friday, February 17, 2006


17th February 2006

Got up bright and early

Got into the car

Drove to KL

Took a wrong turn

Found my way back

Found Plaza 138

Looked for the Andrews Models office.. it was like looking for a pencil in a hay stack (locatable but difficult.. :) )

Got in.

Sat down.

This guy in black comes over hands me an application form and a pen. "fill it up"

Filled the form up.. *begins to break in sweat*

Guy in blue comes over, "Thanks. :) Have you had any pass experiences?"

Me" Does doing a hairshow count?"

Guy in blue.. "hmmm.. you did a catwalk right?? Do you know the basics??"

Me " Not really.. "

Guy in blue calls... "Andrew, do you want to see her now or another day?? "

Guy in black shows up.. "what are your pass experiences?"
And yes the guy in black is ANdrew... Andrews models' andrew.. oh my God oh my god oh my God!!!!!!!"
Sweat pouring out...

Me" erm... erm.. I.. I... I did a a a hairshow for for for Toni and and and Guy.. *gulp*"

Me" and yes, that is all.. ugh.. he.. he.... " (Stressnya.. )

Andrew (looking a little impatient) " Can you catwalk for me? From that end to here.. "

Me "HUh?? !! here? now?"

Andrew " Yeah.. now.. (in a "fasterlah" gesture)"

Me (this time drowning in so much sweat i had to swim out of it) "errrr.. ok ok"

Before i even had the chance to prep myself, he goes on to say, "OK.. EVERYONE (as in EVERYONE in the office), she's gonna do a catwalk.. Watch her do a catwalk..."

Me (at an EXTREME lost for words) panicking till no extent... paddling through my pool of sweat.. "uughh" *gulp*

Believe me, i was so stressed out, walking was a bloody difficult task. Give me 2 left feet and 2 right feet, i would still have problems walking..
So anyway, i took like 5 steps front to where he stood and five steps back to where i started... i felt like he was there just evaluating every single step i made..
10 seconds later, i dont know what i did. I did THE walk. I don't know if i did it wrong. I bet a made a billion mistakes. I just ran through everything while i panicked like crazy... 5 seconds later, there i was believing i could have done better.. THAT was indeed the mood killer. :(

Getting angry with myself just thinking of it.. hmmm

Moving on..

Andrew, " OKay, they'll take your measurements. POinting to the guy in the blue shirt, erm.. he'll explain the rest.. I'm going off now.. see ya!!"

He was out the door.

I was bloody lost

This woman comes by and says, "let me take a fulll length picture of you."
* click* *Click*

2nd woman, "Let me take some measurements"
*measure* *measure*..

1st woman comes back, " Need close up pics now."
front, 45 degrees, 90 degrees on both side, sweet smile, no smile.... etc etc
*click* *click* *click* *click* ......... about 1000 times more..

Guy with blue shirt comes around, " we can't give you a contract right away.. have to evaluate the pics and all... experience, when you leaving... etc etc etc.. ya da ya da ya da... "

okay, now out the door you go....

We'll call you if anything.. and yah.. submit your pictures.. to me ... asap.. see ya..

That was the end of THE day..

I don't know if they're gonna call...
HOPE and pray they do..

*fingers crossed...*
*toes crossed..*
*arms crossed...*
*legs crossed..*
*body crossed.. * ouch ouch ouch... okay, maybe not...

Aaaaarrggghh... are the gonna call... or are they not??

damn this is nerve wrecking...

The Call..

16th february 2006..

*ring ring*

Me, "Hello?"

Lady, " Hello, i'm calling from Andrews Models, one of our talent scouts gave us your number."

Me (and so the smiling begins.. yet again..), "OH yeah.. what's up? " (Pretend damn cool.. but in real fact, I happily jumping on my seat.. hahaha)

Lady, "Can you come in tomorrow, at 11pm?"

Me, "yeah!!! sure.. "

Lady, "See ya then.. "

Me, "see ya.. bye... :) !!!"


Me, stand up, got out of the car, did a little jig, got back into the car and went on driving..

" La la la lal la"

Who says Valentines Day is a day for lovers?

14th February 2006

Was in 1 Utama doing some studio photo taking session don't ask me why, the 30-dollars per photo offer (what a rip off..haha) came about after having purchased some cosmetic products.

After a gruelling half an hour of hair and make up, i headed to the area where they took the photos.

Just before taking me picture, this fashion stylist, who decides what you wear on the shoot comes up to me, dresses me up with coats and one billion necklaces and asks, "Are you a model?"

Me, "No."

Wardrobe guy, "Why not?"

Me, "No chance. Haven't actually gotten down to submitting my application, i guess.."

Wardrobe guy, "Hmmm.. but do you want to?"

Me, "Hell, i want too!!"

Wardrobe guy, "i see... "

5 minutes later...

Wardrobe guy, " Hie.. I'm actually a talent scout for Andrews Models.."

Me ( in disbelief), "Say what??!!!"

Wardrobe guy, "Andrews Models... heard of it?"

Me, "YEah, OF COURSE.. " for those of you who haven't, click here

Wardrobe guy, " Okay then, Can i have your number? i'll send your number to the office and they'll call you.."

Me (smiling so hard, i swear, the corners of my mouth almost touched my ears) " Okay!!"

Wardrobe guy," HOld still.. let me take a picture of you.. :)"

I was bloody happy i tell you. Nevermind no flowers, nevermind no chocolates, nevermind no guy to spoil me.. Never-freaking-mind!!! i was happy.. that was enough to keep me happy for a good week.. Who says dateless people are the lonely-est on Valentines Day??? HA HA HA HA.. Life is indeed beeeeeaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooottttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffuuuuuuuuuullllllll!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Twas the end of the chinese new year holidays..

Gambling profits, 5 dollars..
Houses i've visited, 1..
Angpow collection, next to nothing..

Guess I'm not very much into the holiday spirit eh?

I think the decrease in enthusiasm comes with age. Well, in my opinion, that is. Holidays are still well appreciated but not as hullabaloolaly enjoyed. Back in the days, holidays were filled with excitement, ahh... the joys of just running around the house aimlessly.. that was enough to keep me happy for a good month.
Nowadays, running around the house would possibly mean that one is just plain psycho and in dire need of sttention.
Sad to say, most of the important things in life are nonchalant and only executed due to obligations.

Truth be told, life is certainly filled with ups and downs. But then again, it's kinda funny that when you actually sit down to think of something interesting to write, nothing actually comes into mind. Most things in life are better left unspoken, some due to obligations, some possibly in bid of not wanting to hurt another person's feelings and some in fear of misunderstandings.

Given a chance, i wouldn't change anything i've gone through in life. I know it sounds a little cliched or maybe a little corny. Everything in life is a lesson learnt. What i've learnt in the past year has made me a better person. And consequently, I think anyone and everyone should be all one can be, heck, you only live once and life IS short.
Dont take pride in the downfall or weakness of others it only exaggerats the fact that you're weak and disgustingly jealous.
Never waste your time stressing or getting worked up over small feuds. It doesn't take a casuist to see that, let alone back me up.

One should always admire and look out for the finer things in life.. Remember, It's always the little things that matter.. :)

So, for those of you who dont already appreciate life,
sit back, relax and enjoy you only live once..
*Cest la vie!! *