Saturday, January 13, 2007

Someone once told me, to believe is to succeed and to lose hope is to be no less than alive for which given any day, a person as hopeless as he may be would not be living at all. Beliefs should always come with wishes almost impossible to achieve, almost unicorn-like. Hence, cashing in believes so surreal would only curb great beginnings and hope for even better and unbelievable things to happen.

Someone once told me, beauty should always be appreciated as thorough as a piece of chocolate. A chocolate too precious to give up to indulgence yet too alluring to be left alone. Truth be told, beauty very significantly plays a role in our lives, be it an exquisite diamond cut so extreme in it's beauty, people only gage at it's very existence, or, wine so fine in it's taste, it graces hopes of poverished vinery owners ever-so-instantly.

Someone once told me, life is always what you make it to be. Like I always say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Good things are always in front you, it just depends on how your read the picture. They pour upon you like sweet-nothings or fade like flowers in autumn. Materialistically or not.
Walk, skip and dance through life. Be, if not fully, mostly contented with what has been engraved in your circle of life. Although minute flaws creep up on you like disgusting little bugs you'd spend a lifetime contending, or, nails or pebblestones that worship ur feet when you've lost your shoes (haha.. where did THAT come from.. :)), you'd most certainly be able to label your life - perfect. :)

That someone is my subconscious.
Have you got one doing you right?

On another note,
Am coming back early February...


Welcome me!! :)

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