Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello peeps!

It's been a long long long time since i last posted anything up..
I just completed my practical examination today and am in no mood to study.. figured i should make use of my time and put up something to entertain u guys.. :)
(esp the ppl flooding my flooblebox.. :))


I've been sitting here for a good 5 minutes, staring at a blank screen wondering what i could possibly write about. For all the people who constantly (okay, fine, maybe a lot seldom now.. :)) check my blog to see if i posted anything new, you might have noticed that there hasn't been ANY updates for God knows how long.. hmmm.. I don't know if i'm suffering from some major blogger's block. I don't know if i'm just plain lazy. I don't know if i'm afraid of displaying my array of horrendous-nonsensical-disastrous-imcomprehendable-made-for-dumb-blondes-devastatingly terrible english. Honestly, i really don't know if it's me but my english, has just gone completely rubbish. I struggle to get words like "fix" or "strenous" out.. Can you believe it? My command in english is supposed to be expanding and improving now that i'm in the UK..

so anyway, i was talking to a couple of friends the other day what i've come to realise is that, not many people actually get down to read and understand what ever you have to blog about. Apparently blogs are mainly about the pictures and of course PRETTY people.

I'm going to succumb to my assumption and speculation and start posting random pictures.

Here goes.. well, i'll talk you through it so it's not just random pics.. :)

Egg Tart and I this picture was taken in manchester.. for the rest, go to kecohppl.blogspot.com.. :)

Moving on..
Here are some pics from London..
Andrew, being the sweet guy he is took me to London..
or, come to think of it, i was the sweet person .. I self-willingly accompanied him to London.. haha..
So anyway.. more pics..

Andrew and his friends at a birthday gathering.. i'm sorry can't remember the name of the restaurant.. am not going to try name the people in the pic cause i can't very well do so.. haha..
ok ok.. i'll try.. L to R Wen Yen, Pei Shuen (er.. i dnt think that's right.. Andrew, a little help here.. , Samuel, Samuel's friend, Samuel's brother(the guy far far back with the tinted glasses), Yih Yong, JUstin and Andrew..


Wui Seng and i.. yep yep.. you Sri KL ppl.. still remember him? haha

L to R: Wen Yen, Wui Seng, Andrew:), Justin, Wei Shen, Yih Yong, Samuel and a girl

Andrew and Sophia

We went to Krispy Kreme at Harrods and had donuts which are to-die-for..

i only have pictures of the cups and the signs.. haha..

We went to starbucks and had ice-blended drinks.. it comes up to about RM35 a drink..
yep yep..

as you might have noticed, i might have lost my posing skills.. haha

Looked at the verywell known red double decker english buses

watched a musical titled Chicage

and went to CNR for Malaysian foood...

Am too lazy to put up the pics from the previous pub crawl... not that i was sprawled-on-the-floor drunk or anything.. i'm just too damn lazy at the moment.. dealing with pictures really IS hard work.. I really can't imagine how people who i might add are very hardworking actually bother enough to photoshop pictures...


Till the next post.. ta ta.. :)