Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What the hell is ftw?????

These 3 musketeers came up with this weird abbreviation..

Chia MIng: ah lians ftw.
Tim: You are officially an ah lian. la la ftw
Void: ah lians ftw... bla bla

I mean, what the hell is that? "Funky Teacher's Wing"? "Fantastic Toddler's Wish?" "Fascinating Transvestite Wins?" hahaha.. Some stupid dota nonsense? Does the word ah lian come in corelation with ftw? WHAT in the world is that? aarrgghh...

I bet upon reading this, the 3 of you are laughing so hard you're trying to grip your asses to avoid from shitting in your pants.

I honestly can't help the fact that i'm wearing that.. So does that mean, the morphology of ah lians are depicted in the way they dress?
I sure hope so..
I'm definitely no ah lian and i'm gonna keep it at that!!

hmmm.. does anyone know what ftw is? pls tell me if you do!! :)

Anyway, here's another pic that could possibly compensate for the previous one.. even if it doesn't pls say it does.. :)

Donate blood I must not...

... Oh but YOU.. yes.. YOU there.. reading my blog.. MUST INDEED donate BLOOD!!!

Our country is in DIRE need of BLOOD so, no excuses.. there's no such thing as I've got no time (it only takes a maximum of 20 mins!), don't say that you're not good with needles sticking out of your hand (*****, you know i'm refering to you.. :) tee hee hee :)), don't say that you're tired, don't say that you're dog is sick, and above all don't say you're HIV +ve.. unless you really are.. hehe.. So, if you're bored and you've got nothing to do, DOOOONNNAAATTEEE!!!

Well, here's my story in relation to the whole blood donating speech i just imparted onto you..

But first.. After having read the story that follows, You have to promise not to laugh or probe me with it..

OKay, here goes....


Yesterday, being the wonderful daughter that i am, i accompanied my mom to the hospital for her regular check up..
Her regular check up involves many many many many steps.

I don't know what kinda management this hospital has to offer, but whatever it is, make sure you keep the whole freaking day open if you intend to see any of the doctors there..
Seriously, they'll make you wait till you have grandchildren..

So anyway, moving along, after having collected some weird form from the 7th floor, we proceeded to the 3rd floor (Haematology section) for my mom to undergo this particular blood test. (for you medical students, it's the Prothrombin time)

While we sat there patiently waiting for her turn she announced that this regular check up of hers takes a minimum of 3 hours..

i was like "HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR?????!!! pppppfffffffttttttt...What THE??!?!?? what in the world am i going to do for 3 freaking HOURS??? and even more so when its a MINIMUM of 3 hours.... aaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh How could i not have known??!?!?!? It's a bloody MALAYSIAN hospital.. Grrrr... "

okay okay.. You got me there.. I'm not that mean lah.. The whole monologue earlier was staged in my head.. I'm not that mean.. :)
All i managed to get out of me after having heard that is was gonna take 3 hours is "Oh really?? Hmmm.. okay... :) no worries.. :))

At that, i leaned back looked to my left and what did i see?? The BLOOD BANK!!

And i figured, hmmm...a good way to rid myself of boredom.. i shall be a good samaritan and donate some blood.. :)

So, after having shocked my mom with my impulsive nature, i headed to the desk to fill up a form.. Later, i got my blood type tested and wa lah.. i was good to go.. :)

10 mins later there i was lying on the lazy-chair-looking couch looking at the nurse poke my arms in search for a prominent vein.. and when i say poke i meant poke using the needles.. yes, OUCH it was!!

It took me 3-4 mins to fill the whole bag of blood.. (350 ml, i think)

As the nurse came to retract the humongous needle from my arm, i decided to call my friend, Aaron (who is chicken enough to not want to contribute some of his blood to society.. tsk tsk.. :)) back.. was kinda lazy to reply his text messages further..

There i was sitting there.. happily talking to him.. when i suddenly felt damn light headed.. i thought it was only temporary so i completely i ignored it.. Then the nurse came and asked me to proceed towards the waiting area..

So i got to my feet and suddenly felt like a was floating..
If that wasnt enough, i figured the waiting room's only 20 steps away and that i could make that so i 'walked on air' and headed towards the waiting room..

Mind you, amidst all this i was still talking on the phone..

1st step..
2nd step..
3rd step.. Screamed "OH SHIT" and poof!! I dropped everything.. Frantically tried holding on to the edge of e bed.. in which i failed.. Fell to the floor... I was so weak i had trouble sitting. Upon hearing the noise of my possessions falling to the floor, the nurse starts running towards me shouting ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU OK?

Seriously, K.O-ed man..

Now i know how it feels to have severe postural hypotension.

Later the lovely nurse gave me some super sweet milo and got me to sit there for at least 15 mins before meeting up with my mom..

So much for a selfless deed.. hmmm..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Its been exactly a week after having submitted my photos..

Still no call back... :(

*Sniff* *sniff*

Oh well, if i got the deal i would have shot up a little too quickly anyways.. hehehe..

Now, i have less things to worry about.. so its all good.. :)

Anyway, this is a picture from the photo shoot thing i did a couple of weeks back, just thought it'll give my blog some colour.. Getting quite boring.. hehehe :)

A little bit poser-ish but deal with it lah.. hahaha