Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When yellow's not always as bright as the Sun..

After a day long's worth of walking, driving, shopping, talking... etc etc.. and after having accumulated a torturous amount of dirt,sweat and what not on myself i decided to head home for a nice hot shower..

Believe me when i say i was desperate for a shower.. Just the sight of the car was enough to heighten my state of excitement. I needed that shower.

20 mins later.. there i was in the bathroom, one hand holding up the shower head, one hand trying turning the faucet to the fullest and both eyes fixated to the amount of water flowing out from the shower head. Nevermind the water was ice cold, the flow of it was so low i could almost count the water molecules as it fell to the floor. I was at utter disbelief. I had only one hope for that day and it was shattered...

Why? Why? Why?

Those darn MPSJ ppl HAD to cut the water supply on that one day i took my bath late. Darn you maniacs.. DARN YOU People!!! How could you??!??! Grrrrr...

So anyway, moving on, i decided to just deal with what i had and prepared for a long, slow and draggy bath. It took forever just to wash the soap off one of my arm.. let alone the whole body. After a painstaking half an hour, i was ready to wash my face and jump out of the shower.

That was when the horror started.

As i frantically attempted to spread the face cleanser evenly on my face at top speed, i dropped the shower head. Nevermind that, all i had to do was squat down and feel for the damn thing. But as i washed the soap of my face, i opened my eyes only to find that the clear-almost non existent water has now morphed into dark yellow urine looking water. If the colour wasn't enough to turn me off entirely, there was this metally smell irradiating from the water.

And yes, you guessed it.. I screamed! i screamed so hard i put woman in labour to shame.


It was bloody 1am.. I was Tired, sleepy, sticky and extremely IRRITated!!!

If you're my neighbour and you're reading this, i hope it explains the noise and i'm sorry..

BUt if you, whoever you may be and is responsible for this, damn you... ggrrrr... may you burn!!!

NOw i had 2 options;
(a) Leave the soap on till morning
(a 1) Wait for the remaining soap to crystallize on my face and slowly peel it off 2 hours later ( had to eliminate this option cause i would have fallen asleep by then and thus, would have to end up reverting back to (a))
(b) Use disgusting water to wash soap off

I figured i didn't care anymore.
I could only think about going to sleep.
I was exhausted and i wanted to comatose on my bed.

I took a deep breath and 'wa lah" the soap was gone..
Twas the end of my shower..

And hence, a feeling i've never felt before... i've successfully emerged from a shower dirtier and possibly smellier than before.. Like they always say.. there's a first for everything... :s

I cringe just thinking about it.....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A blog for the sake of blogging.. :)

As you might have realised, my blog has been left pretty adjacent for a while.

Why? you might ask..
Well, i'm proud to announce i have dedicated most of my (present) time to the world of dancing.. YES, you heard it right.... Dancing..I know, i know, i'm known to many as a big (actually big is a bit of an understatement.. ) I'm a humongous well-known klutz.

I always wonder..

Why do guys (in general) perceive dancing as being gay? I mean, come on, if you were to watch professional dancers in action, other than the skimpy lycra tights and the buldging manly assests, you have to admit, they ARE pretty darn manly. Not many guys have the physique of a dancer, not many guys have the balls to stand in front of an arena of ppl, not many guys are able to toss girls around... literally!! I mean, you ( the guys in general), have to obtain a certain heightened state of manlyness to achieve the trust of a girl who is about to let you toss her which ever way you must...True?

I always wonder..

Have you ever known something you just can't explain or put into words but you feel it? Isn't it just out-of-this world annoying.. worst when there's no one you can tell or confide into.. Truth be told, its not the best feeling in this world but, this is life. Life's never perfect.