Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pictures from Luna

Luna's the place to be.. :)

Am too lazy to write an introduction or a paragraph based on our little luna outing so i'm going to just jump right into the photos.. :)

Have fun viewing them..

Oh yeah, there was this supposed tube and jeans dress code for the girls. For those of you who complied, Yeah Baby.. and as for those of you who didn't, i hope you had a good explanation.. :)

Sheng Kai, Brandon, Yih Seng, Gowri and Marilyn..

Ah moooooooo..., Racine and the beautiful Ling Wel

I love this picture.. :) everyone looks so happy!! haha

Ling Wei, Racine and Marilyn..

Amelia looking hot, Ling Wei and Chris

Racine and Marilyn.. :)

Here we are, trying to pull of the angry + serious look

Amelia, as always Aced it
Racine, ..... er... hahaha.. practice makes perfect.. hehe
Marilyn, way to go sista!
Me? I don't know but i do think i look very bitter.. haha

Racine and Marilyn staging some dramatic shower cubicle action.. ;)

More toilet nonsense

I love this photo.. haha..
KUdos to Kah Heng and Marilyn.. :)

Haha.. Sheng Kai totally fail.. haha

Sunday, April 16, 2006

We just had our Musculoskeletal System assessment test 2 days ago.

Everything i've tried to remember in a span of 5 days has flown out of my head.

I can't very well remember a quarter of whatever i've studied.

Ugh.. How am i gonna get by the End of Semester 5 exam?


Such a depressing topic..


So anyway, moving on to greener pasteurs,

A little more than a month ago, i was asked to do some modelling stint for a group of UiTM students (fuh yuh!) haha.. Damn i was excited.. :0

the funny thing about it was that i didn't exactly give them the green light.. All i said was that i was keen and that i would get back to them..

2 weeks later she calls me and asks me for my vital stats and my wt and my height and all..

I figured it was only for a day so i just agreed to it..

So, i sent her all the measurements through sms..
Vital stats: *1-*2-*3
Height: *4
Weight: *5

10 mins later, she calls back..

Lady: Hello..

Me: Hie!

Lady: Hey you forgot to give me your shoe size..

Me: oh, its *6

Lady: okay, so are you reALLy *4?? Are you really that tall? You don't look like it..

Me: (starting to doubt myself..) er.. yeah.. i AM *4 (I mean, why in the world would i lie about it?? )

Lady: Erm... o..kay... (in a very forced manner)

Me: ??!??

If that wasn't enough..

Lady: So yeah, i'm looking at your vital stats now.. Erm.. *1 only arh??

Me: ?!?!?!?!?!!? (x infinite)
: erm.. i'm sorry?

(WHAT-THE-HELL??!) Really, what is this woman's problem? I know i'm not very gifted in that area.. and in addition to that i've got quite a narrow frame.. hehe but she HAD to go rub it in.. hahaha

Lady: Are you sure? So small arh?

Me: (What the?!?!?)
: Well, i'm sorry for not being well-endowed? (!?!!?!??!??!?!?!?!?!?)

Lady: HAHhahaha (the woman DARES to laugh... ) hahaaha.. (i could almost hear the echo of her laughter sounding.. even 5 mins after she stopped.. ) hahaahhahaha .. okay okay..

Me: (*sniff*) (still listening to the echo of her monstrous laugh..)

Lady: (still in the midst of laughter) So anyway, practise your catwalk everyday ya.. haha.. giggle.. this that.. face expression.. bla bla bla..

Me: Oh okay.. (aiyah no need la... God given talent.. hahaha j/k)

After about another 5 mins of lecturing me about my catwalk she decides to bid goodbye..

Lady: and yeah.. bring your push-ups.. ( I tell you, this woman really has the nerve la.. )

Me: Yes i will.

Lady: Okay then.. see ya..

Me: Goodbye.. !! :) (thank goodness.. ) (the laughing echo continues.. )

She puts down the phone, i put down the phone..... How demoralizing..

And the woman's from a bloody advertising agency.. HOw in the world did she get her job?? I need to question the relevance of such..

Oh well, you meet ppl from all walks of life..


"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation i may be; for i have also learnt from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances" - Marsha Washington

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ball pics

I'm too lazy to type anything at the moment.

After 4 months of slaving for the Ball it comes down to this.
1) Dressing up
2) Eating
3) Witnessing some rather cool dances and super COOL VIDEOS..
4) Taking 1 thrillion pictures
5) Going home..

Is the ball really worth all that?

I really don't know.

Anyway, here are some of the pics i have of the ball..

This is the only picture i have of everyone.. So, wa lah!! :)
(Frm top left, clockwise: Racine, Lina, Me, Esther, Marilyn, Ling Wei, Jean, Gowri, Michelle, Jebbrine, Stephanie, Amelia)

It's taking forever to load the pictures it's getting really irritating... hmmm...

Am just gonna load the pics i have of a group of people..

Kim, Hema and Mohana..

L -> R : Rima (the co-MC for the night), Emily, Me and Amy

From left to right: Someone's arm, Sheng Kai, Me (looking like i'm just about to curse) , Zhao Kang and Marilyn

JinYeng and Michelle

Kah Heng and the beautiful Esther