Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"I believe one day we'll all wake up in a world where everything's the opposite from now...

The sun will one day rise from the west
Men will live underwater
Pants will be worn backwards.
Men will wear skirts (oh wait that is already happening.. )
A meal will be obtainable from a dosage of pills
Countries will be ruled by child prodigies
Education is pointless
Wars will be of norm
Men will marry men
Women will marry women
Grandfathers will be fathers to their grandchildren (eeew!)
Mothers will be sister to their daughters

And at the rate we're going,

Dogs will soon be able to produce human offsprings.
Surrogate mothers will not be needed ever again.
And soon enough, Child labour will be a taboo..


*snaps back to reality*

After having read what i just wrote, i have to say, i'm rather delusional.
I think the holidays are driving me crazy.

Today, i got out of the house looked up into the sky and started laughing..
This is what the insides of the walls of your house does to you..

So anyway, I got into the car, a little blinded by an act of stupidity.. (Reminder to self, never look directly at sun.. it does no good to eyes) curled up in my seat and tried my best to "tahan" the shooting pain i felt eminating from my eyes to my head..

Half an hour later (15 minutes on the road and 15 minutes looking for a car park) we reached 1 Utama.. *LAAAAAaaa.. * (Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Eye Candy.. etc etc.. ) Civilization!! Woo hoo!!
Who would have thought.. I thought the fact that i was 1 U on the 3rd day of chinese new year was pathetic and sad but i was wrong.. 1U was bloody crowded..

I got in to the mall.. took the first escalator up and after having taken 3 steps..


there was complete darkness..
Is God trying to tell me something?
Am i not supposed to come out of my house?
or did 1 U just not pay their electricity bill?

the lights went off, emergency lights came on, people were swearing, children were crying, shoplifters were laughing, some of them working, sales people were stressing, i was just speechless.. I'm in awe at my horrid luck..

Later, i went to Nine West, spotted a pair of stilettos (which are to die for.. ) and what happens?? NO size... aaarrrgghhh...

Went to the old wing to buy some make up and what happens? TUTUP

S T U P I D!

That was it, i immediately headed home, disheartened, in distraught, extremely saddened, armed with no shopping bags what so ever..

I wonder what i tomorrow has installed for me..
I can almost picture myself getting hit by a car while attempting to escape from the dreaded walls my house has to offer..



I did a little quiz just now..
For all the ppl in the world who hates the OC. You suck.
And yes, i confess i'm an OC junkie.
Hence the little test..

You are Marissa! Popularity is your label, but your

known for your mystery. You have the social

thing down but you need to work on your

out-of-control emotions. But who ever said it

was easy being Miss Popularity?

Which OC character are you?
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sitting, Wishing and Waiting

Am currently listening to Sade's Kiss of Life..

This is has led me to wonder, where's my perfect stranger? Who's it gonna be and heck, are you even out there?
Who's gonna give me the Kiss of Life? (and no, i'm not asking for CPR (Crush People's Ribs) hahaha)
Who's gonna wrap me up in the colour of love?
Who's gonna build a bridge to my heart?
Who's gonna be the angel by my side?

And no, its not that i'm dwelling in self pity. I just feel as if i need someone to jazz my life up a little. Just someone to annoy to no extent.. Someone to laugh with.. Someone to talk to.. Whether about brainy issues or about stupid petty little things.
And no, i'm not and not going to get all desperate and needy..
I've been patient for 5 bleeding years.. so much so, my heart's probably decaying as i speak (or type) and let's just say, its gonna take LOADS and LOADS of effort to reverse the damage.

This got me thinking, i should probably weigh out possibilities or at least contemplate on swinging both ways.. haha.. it could possibly oh wait a minute, definitely widen my options.. :) cause at the rate i'm going, 30 years from now, i'll probably be an old spinster rocking my chair, knitting old-womanly clothes in an old run down hut in the middle of a forest. haha..

So anyway, enough of being nostalgic and all... Here is a little taste of heaven in my world. Marilyn, Lina, many many other hair models and I did a runway show for Toni & Guy.. All i have to say about it, is that i had such a blast. Nevermind that i had to wear a bikini top while everyone were given funky jackets to put on.. Nevermind my hair was labelled as nothing more than a mushroom.. i would not trade it for the world.. :)

You can check out some of the pictures on Marilyn's blog..
i dont know how to create a link.. sorry.. but have fun viewing.. :)

And don't make fun of me mushroom hair. It is what they call a precision cut and apparently, not every hairdresser is capable of producing such, fine art work. I had many camera's pointed towards my head of hair as long as the mushroom was blown into shape. I even had to hold my breath and desperately attempt to not flinch (not even slightly) as the hair stylist retouched and trimmed the left side of my hair. So, hat's off to William the hair stylist for being able to achieve the desired look. Congratulations for graduating and making it into the Toni & Guy group of hair stylists. :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

The case of the hair

A couple of days back my impulsive nature took quite a toll on me..
It forced me to liberate myself from my precious long locks of hair.

I honestly dont know why i did it.

I don't know if i did it as a favour for a certain individual i happen to be very irritated with at the moment.

I don't know if i did it to chase a certain dream i've been dying to achieve for as long as i can remember..

I don't know if i did it as a sign of liberation from the things i used to hate and despise about myself

I don't know if i did it to throw away unwanted memories

I don't know if i did it because i was tired of being plain Jane

I don't know if i did it just for a change

Heck, I don't know if i did it for attention

In anyway, I did what I did and there's no turning back..
Some say my hair's better than before.. some say otherwise..
You be the judge..

Before.. (taken with my drunken brother)


(My sister decided to join in the fun..)

What say you?

I'm actually getting a little tired of having to type..
I should maybe try POdcasting..
I'm quite sure that'll be fun!! :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Alexander Graham Bell once wrote, " When one door closes another door opens; but we look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us"

Life should never be filled with regrets cause everything endured in life should be taken as a lesson. A lesson for self improvement, a lesson for a better future, a therapeautic lesson. :) It is infact the vial of life.

So, as you look back on 2005, do not ponder and think about the past..do not regret on silly mishaps and dwell on the 'should have and shouldn't have's, look towards the future! Heck you only live once..


Welcome 2006 with open arms.