Monday, May 12, 2008

The Revival

Oh my gosh! It's been ages since i last visited my blog and even longer than ages since i last published anything on it.. i feel sorry for my blog.. and for my little pet monkey hanging around the page..haven't even fed him in a year..

Anyhoos, i'm going to try and revive my blog by publishing at least 2 entries a month.. see.. so realistic! haha My blog has been dead for such a long time i don't even know if anyone visits my blog anymore.. sad but true..

Over the past year, i..
1) have had multiple panic attacks from the previous exam
2) had a fungal infection behind and at the sides of both my knees
3) shivered my ass off during winter
4) bought a bicycle, used it 3 times, kept it for 6 months and finally got Andrew to sell it off
5) went to Amsterdam.. haha.
6) rode the Nottingham Eye (yep it's the Nottingham version of the London Eye, it's probably 10 times smaller)
7) went to Singapore.. again..:)
8) met a whole lot of new friends :)
9) joined the gym to increase my fitness levels
10) developed this irritating patch of pimples on my forehead
11) learnt that life is spiraling towards a monotonous black boring hole
12) realised that my true ambition is to marry a rich man, work at the hospital part time and the rest of the time, do nothing but shop and meet up with my friends.
13) lost my favourite and v expensive watch.. sigh..
14) drove over a white kitten in the highway.. ( it appeared out of has been a year ago and i still am reminded of it till now :( )
15) became older.. sigh

One would expect to have done more than that over the course of the year.. but heck my memory is that of a goldfish.. I'm proud of myself for remembering all of that :)